Creation 2006

Toc Toc (catalogue)

Sound and visual performance inside various topographies: forests, workshops, roofs, joineries, streets, galleries, bridges, halls, parts of apartments, castles, cinemas, theatres... with Natacha Musléra, Nicolas Gerber and Marie Passarelli permanent Creation since 2004 - variable performances between 35 and 50 minutes + installations at arbitrary duration

The test (large Masters) provisional

Feature film Nicolas Gerber

One-eyed whore

Pictorial test of Natacha Musléra.

Continuum of amalgamated, unfinished rooms 8 rooms tables, others to come. To record, film, read aloud.

Octopus operated

Writing of an opera with eight vote per Natacha Musléra the 8 votes have a capacity of rejuvenation, even crossed they push back - the music is done or not by the flesh given to the word and of the breath to be injected there. 7 votes: the tramp, the actress, the beggar, the understatement, Mr. concrete, the widow, Mrs. conveys the eighth driven voice - his mutants: the other, the absence, the hairdresser, a mother

Nervus Vagus (catalogue)

Group excitation and of research on the behavior and the environment. He manufactures contours and circuits extravagant and unsuited to the social conventions in order to find balances of measurements related to the directions.

PROJECTS 2006/2008 Achievements of films, of flexible structures and impromptu music

principles of operations of one meter phantom (catalogue)

experimental physics Nicolas Gerber, 2004 - performances, installations, projections and edition PROJECTS 2006/2007

physical research and experiments realization of films (fiction-documentary) performances within the framework of Nervus Vagus installation of a engineering and design department of alternative measurements (consultation) organization of a festival of approximate measurements Spinette (catalogues) semi-monthly electronic edition (art and critical)




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