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Le Schni

Installations, performances and part sound, plastic and cinematographic with Natacha Musléra, Jean-Carl Feldis, Nicolas Gerber, Boris Belay, Christian Gerber


People of Schni are concerned with transformation and circulation of art starting from objects and documents found, recovered randomly inside the city and of its economy known as "alternative" (streets, household refuse, flea markets, associations voluntary, Emmaus and others...) to manufacture their performances. They accumulate and integrate in their research the files and the residues of former economies.

1. Spectacle "the schni": creature 2005 - spectacle approx. 1h45 support drac paca, area paca, SACEM, AMI, the discs lunatic

a spectacle of sound, plastic and cinematographic performances with a sound diffusion of 9 loudspeakers, a treatment of the sound by tape recorders with bands, projections 16mm and 8mm, modular structures containing recoveries and of the texts of George Battles, Kurt Schwitters, Adolf Wölfli, Natacha Musléra, "Spectreuses" (fragments of A.Artaud, G.Luca, J.P.Duprey and E.Dickinson)

2. Performances and installations "in progress": Schni adapts to various types of places according to their architecture, spaces, light, resonance, etc... for factories its modules sound, plastic and cinematographic. It leaves in space the remainders of performance(s).

Sale: spectacle "le schni", performances and installations, interventions, edition

Toc Toc

Sound and Plastic fictions inside various topographies: forests, workshops, roofs, joineries, streets, galleries, bridges, halls, parts of apartments, castles, cinemas, theatres... with Natacha Musléra, Nicolas Gerber and Marie Passarelli permanent Creation since 2004 - variable performances between 35 and 50 minutes + installations at arbitrary duration

Toc Toc cross places, spaces, "enters", of all kinds. Each place is regarded as a "raw material" in which Toc Toc starts its immediate or reflexive acts. These "subjective" experiments invent fictions related to sensual perceptions such as the sound, the sight, the odor and the touch. These perceptions are put in frictions, in contact with the architecture of a place: its surfaces, its memories, its structures, its waves.

Three times cooperate:

the first time corresponds to the setting, the preparation of a fiction.
the second time is the "public" act of this fiction, between performance and happening.
the third time is worked out by the means of the "performée" fiction become installation.

Sale: plastic performances, drawings and other creations, edition and catalogues

Nervus Vagus
"dismountable preparation" research, writings and performances masked with Christian Gerber and Nicolas Gerber since 1969 - performances and workshops of research http://spinette.free.fr/nervus/pousette.htm

Nervus Vagus is a group of excitation and research on the behavior and the environment. It manufactures contours and circuits extravagant and unsuited to the social conventions in order to find balances of measurements related to the directions. It invites all people active and interessées by this research in an idea of practice and common development of manufacture of structures and writing of behavior.

Description: Manufacture of structures flexible, performances, workshops of practices and development of writings, displacements to the blind man and masked, improvisations sound, frequential and nanometric research, achievements of films. Sale: performances, interventions and workshops, other creations, edition and catalogues, construction of staircases and dwellings (shells)


Sound writing (107 wet fragments) and performance "glottale" of Natacha Musléra.

Each fragment of "Pudding Stone" (written over two years) is to be triturated, exploit, in the phone, whether that Ci is defective or not. They are "Understatements" in this direction, the 107 fragments "let more hear that they do not say". It is not a question of an oral writing but of a writing which appears in the sound one, in the space which it causes, not eluding anything of its enigma.

Description: Pudding Stone is a performance which digs in the sounds of the voice, the breath, of saliva, primarily their entropic characters, like their emissions or amplifications acoustic and electric: pipes, houses, microphones, loudspeakers, tape recorders with bands, sample digital on line, prostheses.


Mechanical and sound transformation of an apartment haunted with Fake Fake and others since 2004

The principle of the elefantometer is to intervene in an if possible empty apartment and to manufacture in a restricted time (Ca 4 days) a surrealist and surmetric phantom space containing recoveries, files and apparatuses in all kinds, of sound creations and vidéos, of strange performances, ds games of chances and doubtful appearances...

example of elefantometer: course not-accompanied through 6 installations + 3 limp:

Sale: installations, performances and interventions, edition

Les principes de manœuvres d'une maître fantôme

experimental physics Nicolas Gerber, 2004 - performances, installations, projections and edition http://spinette.free.fr

"the principles of operations of one meter phantom" signed under the pseudonym of Hypolitte Oreille is an instruction manual on the meter and its medium. It is put into practice since 2004 in the form of films, of performances, installations, drawings and writings without any scientific utility. The fundamental principle of the text makes a point of encouraging the user to play in a vulgar way with the meter like a unit of decline, to seek languages or writings misfits and moved, distorsions body and musical due to the spasms of the improvisation what could result in a balance between the stimulated and mechanical body: detached and undisciplined tools of research: physics experimental, video, its, text, voice, double bass, writings, masks, dance, performances

Sale: performances, video masters, audio masters, edition and catalogues, other creations

Objets non-domestiqués

Ritual of objects not-domesticated Nicolas Gerber 2004 - performances, installations, projections and edition http://spinette.free.fr

Ritual of transformation of the object into subject of art. The process of transformation makes a point of accompanying the objects handy or by art, all the bodies or all the forms of notations symbolic, physics or virtual in a "ritual" being intended them. The artistic representation of each ritual of object is elaborate in order to give place to a reflexion on the representation of the objet d'art.

Sale: not-domesticated objects, performances, video masters, audio masters, edition and catalogues, other creations

Les 100 cœurs

Partition for 100 mouths of Natacha Musléra.

The 100 hearts is an act to be engaged in any place, of manner spontaneous. déscriptif: At the beginning "the 100 hearts" asks for a coordinator and a taker of sound. The coordinator gathers the most mouths possible (the maximum being of 100). It distributes the "text" to saying to each mouth. It very briefly indicates what it acts: "of the scientists invented the Man in the 100 hearts, a carnal envelope percent hearts, percent hearts a dwelling, finishes the overpopulation, listen to what gives a Man 100 heart" It acts of a cenlogist, with déclamer of a draft without listening, by all the mouths gathered and in a simultaneous way. The taker of sound acts suddenly by métant microphones and by recording the precipitated chorus.

Natacha Musléra: Coordinator Precipitated Nicolas Gerber: taker of its precipitate (Nagra, magnetic tapes)

Each mouth having taken part in this act, will leave with a specimen the Partition the "Hundred Hearts".


electronic edition every 2 months (art and critical) since August 2005

The Site of Spinette started in August 2005 like site of personal reference and classification. It tranforme moreover in review of information of which the goal is to follow and to introduce public and intimate research of Object Direct


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