The file is a memory available to the artists supported by association and all the people concerned (members, diffusers, structures...).

In 2004/2005 we have created a tree structure of files and documents of any type in order to allow a fast access and simple: classification by type of support or project (film, sound document, performance, music of film, installation...)

These documents are safeguarded on their original support and are copied to hard disks in order to allow fast reproductions and consultations on DVD, CD or via Internet.

A daily work of classification, conformation, possible assembly and compression is necessary for the copies of documents and their almost instantaneous availability.

The esthetism of the file and its presentation hardly counts, it remains rough and unchanged.

a) permanent documentation : 1. sound recording, writing, video collecting, photography 2. post-production sound and image 3. edition

b) placed at the physical disposal of the files : 1. members 2. artists of association 3. structures of diffusion 4. public

c) public interface Internet : 1. sound archives of association (sound effects, reserve of various sounds, film musics, albums in separate tracks) 2. technical files for members (technical councils, addresses and bonds Internet concerning the techniques of the image and the sound) 3. various files (videos, writings, images...) with an aim of research and creation. 4. written, sound works and videos: concerts/performances recorded or filmed, albums, videos, film extracts.