8/10 Rue Duverger
13002 Marseille

The toupolev is a place of research and experimentation which exists since December 2004 and allowed us (on September 26) benefitting from a place in center of Marseilles beside La Porte d'Aix to seek and create bonds.

We are 5 : Marie Laugier-Passarelli, plastician - Natacha Musléra, sound poet and performer artist - Agathe Dreyfus, filmmaker and coordinator - Boris Belay, filmmaker and philosopher and Nicolas Gerber, artist.

Our associative collaboration between "Mano", "360° et même plus" and "Les Disques Lunatic", a kind of co-operative enables us to support the place (rent and expenses) but also to share our various artistic research and to find alternate means of diffusion/representation/exposition.

Today the toupolev is a place where we can modestly receive (kitchenette, bathroom, room and atelier of 70m2) artists or not-artists on which we are binded in an artistic way, philosophical, theoretical, political or poetic; that they can come for one period (according to the proposals) in Toupolev to seek or show.

We decide proposals together to come and try not to consolidate us in recognizable forms (with our eyes, ears, touch...).


Echoplasme is a platform Internet for the circulation of musical, sound objects and of independent productions...

Distribution of the sound without property of mechanical stand while preserving the concept of property "intimates" of the author. The signature and the recording of the objects are done at the time of their provision public on the platform of echoplasme.

These sound objects have free label the "of right" because they do not belong for the moment to any classification in the field of the commercial distribution (Cd, dvd, musics of film, radio, etc...). Any time each object is protected near an organization from protection from the royalties in order to avoid all illicit uses. Echoplasme proposes to any person interessée to deposit sound objects* in order to work out, in a common way, a system of alternative distribution of the sound, music and other types of independent production.

Echoplasme works only on numerical support hard disk with a compression of the type Ogg Vorbis 44.100 Khz (120 kbps with 425 kbps) * Sound object: manufactured noise, music, sound poetry any object of personal manufacture (original contents of the author) duration of the objects: between 3 seconds and 24 hours without goal of stylistic, musical recognition nor commercial

under development

Laboratories and workshops of vocal research

opened to the members Training course of vocal research and chorus presocratic Speaker: Natacha Musléra This workshop will explore the voice like a sound material.

We will seek to reveal all the multitudes of sounds which a voice has through its stamps, its harmonics, its résonnances. By a work of breath, of respiration the voice opens, sensitizes each part of the body. This workshop is addressed as well to people who do not know their voice, as those which practise it. To give body to the voice.

To bring into play its voices. A work of excavation, of impromptu chorus will be practised: to seek the résonnances its voice, its echoes, its harmonics, its primal scream.

To take into account space, the physical place in which the voice even emits apart from it, to take it along where one does not know.

At the interior of this research we will dig sound word, for that, to bring back matter to dire/chanter, if not there will be on the spot: songs, poems, news, tales, tests, plays, wind





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